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Dalish Elf by dawntempest Dalish Elf :icondawntempest:dawntempest 4 0 Free form drawn BB-8 sneakers by dawntempest Free form drawn BB-8 sneakers :icondawntempest:dawntempest 0 0 Casual Shepard Commander by dawntempest Casual Shepard Commander :icondawntempest:dawntempest 4 0
My Ka'rta and My Kot
Torian rose early, little reason to remain in bed when his riduur no longer lay curled in his arms.  He'd awoken alone every morning for more than five years now, and some of his brothers had tried to convince him to move on.  He still had a clan to rebuild, and having children in the middle of war wasn't unheard of.
Somewhere in his heart, he refused to give up hope that he might someday be reunited with her, no matter how slim that chance might be.
Torian finished putting on his armor and slung his blaster rifle over his shoulder, checked that his pistols were easy to draw, and headed out into the already blistering morning.  The sun had only just risen, but it already chased off whatever relief from the heat that the night brought.  He'd never liked desert planets, but when Mandalore called, you answered, no matter how you felt about the terrain.
Mandalore had called the clans they could rally together to pulverize a factory, at the behest of the “Ou
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Mass Effect Asari on a budget by dawntempest Mass Effect Asari on a budget :icondawntempest:dawntempest 5 7 MIB Agent by dawntempest MIB Agent :icondawntempest:dawntempest 0 3 Into the 22nd Century by dawntempest Into the 22nd Century :icondawntempest:dawntempest 0 2 Quick Quarian Jedi by dawntempest Quick Quarian Jedi :icondawntempest:dawntempest 4 2 Casual Commander Shepard Chaps by dawntempest Casual Commander Shepard Chaps :icondawntempest:dawntempest 15 6 Casual Commander Lila Shepard by dawntempest Casual Commander Lila Shepard :icondawntempest:dawntempest 2 5 Rasa'Min vas Zeera  (oc Quarian) by dawntempest Rasa'Min vas Zeera (oc Quarian) :icondawntempest:dawntempest 10 5 Steampunk Carmen San Diego by dawntempest Steampunk Carmen San Diego :icondawntempest:dawntempest 1 0 Twi'lek Jedi by dawntempest Twi'lek Jedi :icondawntempest:dawntempest 0 0 Futuristic Aes Sedai by dawntempest Futuristic Aes Sedai :icondawntempest:dawntempest 1 0
Just a Friendly Drink
Just a Friendly Drink
Dragon Age Inquisition Fan Fiction
Female Cadash Inquisitor
Note:  I do not own DA or any of the characters or setting, those belong to Bioware, I am merely borrowing them for entertainment purposes.
“I thought I'd find you here.”
Varric glanced up at the Inquisitor as she joined him at the bar in the tavern.  “If I'm not writing I'm usually here,” the dwarf admitted.  “Or perhaps swapping stories with someone.
“You are quite a prolific storyteller, aren't you?” the Inquisitor replied.  She considered Varric's mug of ale.  “Make it two,” she asked the tavern keep.  “Though I figured I would find you here because you needed a drink after all that?”
Varric gave her a wry smile.  “What, Bianca and that business with Red Lyrium?”  He shrugged nonchalantly.  “Just another day's work?”
“Think you'll see her again?”
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A Cousland Conflict, Chapter 6
A Cousland Conflict, Chapter 6
A Dragon Awakenings Fan Fic in a Modern AU
Pairing: F!Cousland/Alistair, F!/Nate Howe
Disclaimer: I do not own DA or any of the characters or setting, those belong to Bioware, I am merely borrowing them for entertainment purposes. Be warned this story is set in a Modern AU of Thedas, everything may not be strictly cannon. And for those who originally read the first chapter, yes I'm aware I screwed up a bit on the setting..that should be fixed now.  There is a big of skipping about now and then because I didn't feel like going into full detail about the battles that occur in game itself. 
Ivory wiped her brow, trying not to grimace at the smell of the burning corpse.  She hated the smell of burning flesh, it brought up far too many bad memories.  But she was the head of Wardens Inc, and she deliberately continued to put herself in these sorts of situations, because who would here in Ferelda
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Anchored [Cullen x Trevelyan]
Title: Directions
Author: blustersquall
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
characters/pairing: Commander x Nevena Trevelyan
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Inquisition is the property of Bioware, as is Cullen and any other characters mentioned within this piece. Nevena Trevelyan is my creation, under the Dragon Age: Inquisition player character, Trevelyan.
Grumbling, Cullen touches his temple, slowly drawing his fingertips across his brow repeatedly trying to stave off the throbbing pain he feels within.
What had started as a minor annoyance, a small twinge of pain above his eye during the night, had now bloomed into an almost unbearable pain that spread across the entire front of his head. It had kept him from sleeping and now addled his mind making concentration next to impossible.
As an advisor to the Inquisition he is required to have a clear head. Needs that clarity to be able to issue orders and make quick decisions in the best interests of those under his command and in the heat of b
:iconbluster-squall:bluster-squall 77 18
Heart to heart by whitecrow-soul Heart to heart :iconwhitecrow-soul:whitecrow-soul 1,191 274 Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Sirin :iconvasylina:Vasylina 10,752 506 Red wing griffin by sandara Red wing griffin :iconsandara:sandara 4,112 113 Small Griffin by sandara Small Griffin :iconsandara:sandara 9,072 471 Stained Glass: Amalthea by Akili-Amethyst Stained Glass: Amalthea :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 425 84 Keialaar by PuddingPack Keialaar :iconpuddingpack:PuddingPack 715 55 Inverno by MariannaInsomnia Inverno :iconmariannainsomnia:MariannaInsomnia 4,087 128 Lizzie and Mr Darcy by InarticulateBumble Lizzie and Mr Darcy :iconinarticulatebumble:InarticulateBumble 225 6 Guardians of the Galaxy by PatrickBrown Guardians of the Galaxy :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 18,535 724
How to Make an N7 Armor
How to make a Mass Effect N7 Armor
I have been asked this question a lot so I decided to go ahead and answer it. I DID NOT come up with how to make it, I got the idea from other brilliant prop makers who came before me and did this long before I did.
1.EvilFX: Website
He documented his build and he even takes commissions
2.Volpin Props: Website
He has a section on his N7 build and many rifles including the M-8
3. Narayas: Website
He has instruction somewhere on a file share with patterns...awesome person..(can't find direct link at moment but google you will find)
4. AxiomUltra Design: Website
The man works wonder..I am envious of his build..that armor is sweet and super detailed. Look in he posted up a thread ab his build with pepakura blueprints.
:iconvariak:VariaK 88 2
White Fairy II - Stock by MariaAmanda White Fairy II - Stock :iconmariaamanda:MariaAmanda 665 70 Maleficent by spicysteweddemon Maleficent :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 672 16 Afterword - Garrus by HuggyBear742 Afterword - Garrus :iconhuggybear742:HuggyBear742 927 56 Betrayal by TamberElla Betrayal :icontamberella:TamberElla 9,774 560 Jack vs. Miranda by AndrewRyanArt Jack vs. Miranda :iconandrewryanart:AndrewRyanArt 1,501 89



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My deviant art page is mainly for my Cosplay photos, though some of my older fanfiction is uploaded here.

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